Sunday, November 30, 2008

Since it has been about a month since I started this blog I figured it was time to actually talk about my job at Walt Disney World. I have a college internship which means I am staying for a semester, if I don't extend and stay longer. It also means I am making minimum wage which is currently 6.79 in Florida. It should go up in January, but I am still taking a pay cut. My housing is kind of like college housing. I will be living with 3- 5 other girls and one I will share a room with one of them. Luckily Disney lets you pick your room room mate ahead of time because I met someone that is actually bringing their sewing machine down so I am rooming with her. Not just for that though, we have a lot in common in other areas too, but I was really worried about how I would survive for five months without my sewing machine. The apartments are on Disney property, but are not really close to any of the parks. It's on the outskirts, at Vista Way you can walk across the street to a Walgreens. I will hopefully be staying in Chatham Square. It is newer and quieter than Vista, and Vista has a reputation for being party central. Chatham is also just down the street from the Cast Member retreat called Mickeys Retreat. It's exclusively for Cast Members and their families. It has barbaques and a beach on Little Lake Bryan.

Satellite View Of Chatham Sqaure

I should probably catch you up on some Disney Lingo. We are not employees we are Cast Members because we are putting on a show everyday. Uniforms are not uniforms they are costumes.

I will write more later about my role at Walt Disney World

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Rachel__88 said...

I want to live there too!! =) I don't know where my assigned roommate wants to live so we'll see how that situation comes into play. And a sewing machine!! Thats awesome!! I'm flying in so I wont be able to bring, well ,anything but clothes & a laptop haha!!
I'm sooo excited!! =)