Sunday, December 7, 2008

I leave in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My plane leaves for Orlando, Florida in 30 days! I am arriving a day before check-in and staying with another girl from Portland doing the program. I am so excited I can hardly contain it. I have been listening to Disney music almost everyday. I even had the Fantasmic song stuck in my head all last week and I don't really like that show. I want to pack and leave right now, but then I would lose valuable time with my friends while they are home for Christmas. I am going to miss them so much, because I don't know if I will ever come back. Just Kidding, even if I extend I will try to come back for a week in May to see everyone again.

My Role at WDW

There have been a lot of questions about my job or role at Walt Disney World. I am in the costuming department. I am not making costumes, yet, I hope to someday be a costume designer for Disney but I need to work my way up. I got some great insight from one of my friends currently working for Disney about what I will actually be doing. It gave me a lot to look forword to.
If I am working at a show:
  • sort and put away laundry from the day before
  • get costumes ready for the 5-12 performers you are assigned to. This includes getting all the accesories together and making sure you have the right size costume.
  • you help get the preformers you are in charge of dresses for the show
  • you clean up when they leave their costumes in the middle of the floor
  • do some laundry and put the rest away to be used again

If I am working at Operational Costuming (the costume check out center)

  • it works like a library, you check out costumes to cast members, they all have bar codes
  • check costumes back in
  • wash specialty costumes

I am hoping to work at a show or in the EPCOT Ops because I would get to see all of the costumes from around the world.