Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My new love affair with to-do lists.

So, I really suck at blogging. When I moved to Florida last summer I had every intention of writing a post at least once a week. I even started a post with pictures of my new apartment, but I never ever finished it. That was almost 7 months ago. Did I mention I suck at blogging?

Now I am back in Portland and living a more leisurely life. I recently go my tonsils out, which was not a very pleasant experience. It was a very good diet though :) I am now almost done recovering an looking for work. That still gives me a lot of free time though, and I am determined to make the most of it. Thus I have started making to-do lists. Lots and lots of to do lists. There's one for the for the next year, one for the next week, and one for each and every day. My favorite one though is the one titled "to-do with free time" It's what I pull my weekly, and daily lists from. All the things on this list are things that will take time though. They aren't things that can be accomplished in a month, and some of them will take a few years, but I am resolved to achieve them all. And now for your viewing pleasure here is that list. I'm sure that as time goes on even more will be added.

To-do With My Infinite Free time
  • Become a yoga master
  • Go on hikes and become one with nature
  • Take a ballroom dance class
  • Take my dog on walks so he doesn't get any fatter.
  • Learn to cook and try new recipes
  • Catch up with old friends, and keep in touch with current ones
  • Become fluent in Russian!!
  • Find an adventure book and fill it completely with memories
  • Keep up on writing in my journal
  • And last but not certainly least, BLOG! At least once a week.

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Samurai Mom said...

YAY! A post. I especially like 1, 2, 7 and 8