Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 days and 13 hours....

5 days and 13 hours from now I will be on an airplane heading back to Orlando. I am uber excited! I have spent the last two week completely clearing out my room. All that will be left when I leave are 6 boxes ready to be shipped when I find a permanent home. As much as I am excited it's also really scary to know that I won't be living in this house ever again, and that I will most likely never live in Oregon again. I am ready for this new adventure though. I fell in love with the east coast last year, and am happy to be moving.

These past two weeks in Oregon have been amazing though. My best friend in the whole entire world, Cambria Morgan, came home from BYU finally and we have been spending as much time as possible together. We have so much fun together, and manage to stay out of trouble for the most part. I am really thinking of stuffing her into one of my suitcases so I never have to be apart from her. A few years back she made me a little stand up version of herself so that I could take her with me, and I did take her on lots of adventures, but she is pretty worn out now.
I am going to miss our late night deep talks, and sleep overs, and freezeouts. I am lucky enough to have unlimited minutes though, and I know I will be using a lot of them with Cami.


Kristin said...

I wanna be back in Florida in 5 days! I guess I'll have to wait 38 days till I'm back. I thought you were driving down.

Ariel said...

have fun in florida! dont let the oil get you :(